19/09/2014 13:15 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Coppafeel! Campaign Brings Normal Boobs To Shopping Centre Billboards

For the first time ever, uncensored images of boobs will appear across billboards and shopping centres in the UK to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Breast cancer charity Coppafeel! worked with photographer Rankin to create full-frontal shots which will be displayed over the next six weeks.

The aim? To raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage women to check their breasts regularly.

The #whatnormalfeelslike campaign features seven women's chests with a word that best describes how their boobs feel to them.


They use normal, everyday words that are real to them and all digital posters are captioned with the following all-inspiring message:

"When it comes to your boobs, there are hundreds of words you can use to describe them. So get coppin' and tell us #whatnormalfeelslike for you. Knowing #whatnormalfeelslike could save your life."

Kris Hallenga founded CoppaFeel! after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 23.

"We want to make it normal for girls to talk about their boobs," she says. Society and the media think of breasts in a sexual way but by creating this campaign we want to give boobs back to women and encourage them to think and talk about them in terms beyond size."

"The more normal it is to talk about boobs, the more likely women are to check themselves regularly and spot any changes early."

Currently 5% of diagnosed cases are already at stage IV with breast cancer being the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 30 in the UK, with 181 new cases diagnosed and 12 deaths annually.

CoppaFeel! strives for a country where no one dies of breast cancer because of late detection or misdiagnosis.

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Take a look at a few more of these beautiful images below, we LOVE this campaign...