22/09/2014 05:58 BST | Updated 22/09/2014 05:59 BST

iOS 8 'WAVE' Is Convincing People To Microwave Their iPhones

A new hoax has surfaced which is convincing people that they can now wirelessly charge their iPhones in the microwave using a new feature in iOS 8 called 'WAVE'.

The hoax was -- according to Reddit -- started by 4Chan as the latest in a string of iOS-based hoaxes that include a software update that would make your iPhone waterproof last year.

Called 'WAVE' the fake feature would 'interface with your device's radio-baseband, allowing it to synchronize with microwave frequencies and use them to recharge your batter.'

This is of course, nonsense. Worryingly though that hasn't stopped several users on Twitter from trying it out for themselves resulting in several charred iPhones - at least, if you believe the following tweets.