Here Are Seven People Who Didn't Hate Ed Miliband's Labour Conference Speech

Ed Miliband has just given his final party conference speech before the general election, pledging to hit tax avoiders, tobacco firms and and "mansion" owners in order to be pay for a ÂŁ2.5 billion NHS recruitment drive.

The speech was widely panned by commentators on Twitter, with Independent columnist Steve Richards calling it "poorly structured". "All the stories about people he has met should have hit cutting floor," he added.

Times columnist Tim Montgomerie said it was a "totally dishonest speech", concluding: "Labour Party unprepared for power. Necessary cuts would tear it apart if it wins."

The Spectator's political editor James Forsyth said that the speech "needed tightening", adding that it would have been "a lot better if it hadn’t been for Scotland absorbing all Labour’s energies in past month."

How did the Labour leader's speech go down with his colleagues and fellow Labourites? Unsurprisingly rather well. HuffPostUK asked seven of them for their verdicts.

Dan Jarvis

Reactions to Ed Miliband's Labour Conference Speech 2014