Lorraine Kelly Blasts 'Scary' Skinny Celebs' Influence On Young People To Be Thin

'It's Scary How Skinny Celebs Are In Real Life'

Lorraine Kelly has spoken out about the influence skinny celebs have on young girls to look thin.

The TV presenter says that many of the celebs who appear on her morning show, 'Lorraine', look even skinnier in real life.

Lorraine Kelly

In an interview in the new issue of Radio Times, Lorraine said it was 'scary' how thin some celebs are when she meets them.

"Our children, God love them, have never been fatter, eating and drinking themselves into an early grave, and we hold up these images of teeny, tiny, beany, weeny people and say, 'That's what you're supposed to be like'," she told the mag.

"I mean, you see these people [celebrities] on screen, they're tiny, right? When you see them in real life, it's actually scary how small they are.

"There is a lot of pressure on young girls, and it really is a shame."

Lorraine also blasted the dieting industry, and said the only foolproof way of losing weight was through a combination of eating less and exercising more.

"Get up off your bottom and don't eat as much. End of. That's it," she said.

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