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My Apartment: Scarlett Bowman

Conceptual artist, Scarlett Bowman invited us round to her chic south west London apartment which is brightened with an array of bold and colourful artworks, mostly by other artists.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Working herself, across sculpture and painting with themes of appropriation, obsolescence and authorship, Scarlett began her career as an actress, but went on to put on group shows and has subsequently had pieces bought by collectors in London, Berlin and Los Angeles. Repeatedly named the one to watch by reviewers, naturally her own home, like her art, is inspiring and beautiful.
How would you describe your interior style?
I would say comfy-lux, I want to be super comfortable yet have a bit of luxury at the same time.

How does your own place differ to the homes you grew up in Windsor and Richmond?
Well one is mum's and one is dad's and they both have quite different styles to me. My mum is actually an interior designer. I have developed my own style; I quite like making each room totally unique but have a common sort of thread throughout.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Could you describe your dream home?
Hmmmmm. I'm picturing ocean-front Malibu or one of those crumbling old Georgian town houses in New York...

Art is a key decorative feature in your flat, where did you get most of the artworks?
Having worked in a gallery for a few years I started collecting pieces early. I helped put shows together for the artists and in return would be gifted a print or something. A couple were presents also. Yes definitely inspiring, I would only put work up that inspired me in some way even though my style is totally different.

Where are your favourite places to shop for yourself and your home?
A real mixture of places, from markets abroad to the high street to the internet. I like to order bespoke pieces online which don't have to be expensive such as my new velvet cushion covers. There's a great Danish brand called HAY which do some awesome stuff and I think combining cheaper items with more expensive items looks great. My favourite pieces are from Conran, such as the marble dining table and the glass coffee table which were definitely the most indulgent but then again you keep these pieces forever.

Phoebe Lettice Thompson

You're beginning your masters shortly. How do you unwind when you return from university or your studio?
Candles, candles and more candles. Oh and a steaming hot bubble bath.

What do you love and hate about living in Fulham?
I love that all my mates are close to me, and hate the severe lack of diversity and adventure...

What's the most impressive interior you've visited, anywhere in the world?
I have recently had a piece put up in the Soho House Group and their interiors are so indulgent yet practical. They use a lot of upcycled materials like vintage parquet flooring, re-upholstering, 1920s factory lights, mosaics etc. The most impressive is the entrance hall in Berlin, you could probably sleep four people in that chandelier!

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