24/09/2014 00:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Toy Unboxing On YouTube: Boy, 8, Makes £800,000 A Year

Have you heard about toy unboxing?

Most kids love ripping new toys out of the box and trying them out. But only one child has made $1.13 million (just shy of £800,000) out of it.

Step forward Evan, the eight-year-old face of YouTube's EvanTubeHD channel.

In videos posted to the channel, which has over 800,000 subscribers, Evan unboxes and tests out toys.

He is occasionally joined by his sister Jillian and their parents. And that's it. No gimmicks or shocks. Just a little boy talking about toys.

It's hard to say just exactly what attracts viewers to EvanTubeHD - perhaps only the simple joy of watching a child with a brand new toy - but it certainly works. As of this moment, his video clips have amassed an astounding 750,000,000 views.

Add in nearly a combined total of almost 200,000,000 views on bonus channels EvanTubeRAW, which contains behind the scene footage, and EvanTubeGaming, where Evan plays video games, and this one-boy empire is within touching distance of a billion views.

What is now a media empire with its own sales team began as a father and son goofing around together.

Three years ago, Evan and his dad, Jared, made a few stop-motion videos with clay Angry Birds models, and Evan - then just five - asked his dad to put them online so he could show his friends.

When one of their videos racked up a million views, Jared realised that there was more to Evan's videos than either of them could have dreamed.

Since 2011, they have recorded hundreds of reviews, now averaging roughly two per week and EvanTubeHD is projected to make $1.3 million (£796,105) this year through advertising.

But Evan himself won't be feeling the benefits for many years - Jared told Newsweek last year that all the profits from the videos are set aside to fund Evan and Jillian's university education.

The world of YouTube celebrities may seem bizarre to those outside of the community, but their influence is very real. To many tweens and teenagers, YouTube personalities are just as important as TV or movie stars, and the most popular can rake in thousands in advertising revenue.

Crazy as it might seem, Evan has a long way to go before he counts among the most popular YouTube personalities.

Current frontrunner PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) has an astonishing 30 million subscribers and 6.1 billion views as of September 2014.

He is rumoured to have made $4 million last year from his videos, which show him playing video games and commenting on them.

We're baffled, too...