The Best Of Twitter's #MuslimApologies

If you believe what what some (at best misinformed, at worst bigoted) people say, Muslims have a lot to answer for.

Practically any atrocity committed by persons claiming to be acting in the name Islam has been met not with a measured response, but a demand for all Muslims to take responsibility.

A bit like every single Brit having to apologise for the ranting of Nick Griffin - pretty unreasonable.

So, in the way that Twitter does best, the hashtag #MuslimApologies was trending on Wednesday morning

And it was rather special.

Some sought to concentrate on the rather important contributions Islam has made to society - that tend to be overlooked - in favour of a bit of scare-mongering.

Others espoused the virtues those things that seem to make some feel a bit uneasy.

Aina highlighted how it's not just those 'scary foreigners' that follow Islam.

Oh, and don't forget all the delicious food.

And then it all took a twist for the wonderfully absurd...

This guy was hedging his bets.

We're fairly sure this wasn't due to religious issues.

The spicier the better.

Well, someone has to I guess...

This did come as a shock to most of us.

But of course, there was still no pleasing some...