Apple IOS 8.0.1 Bug Prompts Twitter Outrage

Apple had a bit of a nightmare on Wednesday night after they were forced to withdraw the latest iOS update after it was found to contain a major bug.

Needless to say people were not happy.

In today's world where the latest iOS update is heralded with the same gravitas as pre-industrial societies gave to seasonal rains, it kicked off.

And the use of hashtags got a little dramatic.

Wow. The prognosis was not good.

And this sounds pretty annoying.

Comparisons to other tragedies were made.

Other people's devices flipped out entirely (although we suspect some exaggeration).

This man's entire existence was turned upside down.

Some predicted worse to come.

Oh no, not again.

The tributes flooded in.

Conspiracies abounded.

Joshua summed it up nicely.

In hindsight, Rene might want to rethink this...

And just so you know, here's the official line.