How Boxing, Swimming And Weightlifting Helped This Man Lose 220Ilbs In Just 21 Months

Only two years ago, Markus Baumann was clinically obese. But after years of living in pain due to his weight, he decided it was time for a dramatic change.

Markus has lost a remarkable 100Kg in 21 months by committing himself to an intense exercise regime, planned by his friend and personal trainer Damien Zaid.

The above video shows Markus' unbelievable transformation. At the start of his training, Markus weighed 182.4Kg - he now weighs 81.9Kg.

Exercises in Markus' weight-loss plan included running, boxing, swimming and weight lifting. According to Damien: "Consistency and hard work always pays off."

Speaking about his life before the weight-loss, Markus says: "I lived in pain every day, lost my job and people made fun of me. When I was down and had lost my confidence, Damien picked me up and changed my life.

"I can't thank him enough - he believed in me when nobody else did."

Markus is now working towards becoming a personal trainer, in order to help others make a life-changing transformation like his..

"It doesn't matter where you start or where you want to go, as long as you believe in yourself, keep your head up and take one step at a time," he says.