Donald Trump Is Bombarded With Hilarious Retweet Requests After His Fred And Rosemary West Twitter Blunder

Bless him.

Donald Trump's heart was clearly in the right place when he carried out what he thought was an innocent retweet request from a Twitter follower:

Unfortunately, he just failed to recognise that it was a photo of British serial killers Fred and Rosemary West. Whoops. In Trump's defence, we'd argue that 99.9% of Americans would also probably fail to recognise them... Although we'd also hope that 99.9% of them would be slightly wary of a request coming from someone whose Twitter handle was @feckhead.

Of course, this combination of Donald Trump and pranking was a red rag to a British bull - and we p***-taking Brits immediately began to bombard @realDonaldTrump with more requests:

This was our favourite one. Sadly, Trump has yet to retweet it:

Donald Trump's Twitter blunder

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