29/09/2014 08:49 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Duchess Of Cambridge Is 'Too Thin' And Should Not Have More Children, Says Germaine Greer

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits an M-Pact Plus counselling programme at the Blessed Sacrament School in Islington, London.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge is alarmingly thin and has a 'bastard of a job', according to Germaine Greer.

The 75 year-old Australian author of bestselling feminist book The Female Eunuch told the magazine Newsweek Europe that the royal family was 'a mad anachronism'.

"Kate is a great deal more intelligent than the rest of the royals," said Greer. "She has been put in charge of William." Referring to Kate's chronic morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, which she struggled with during her pregnancy with Prince George and again during her current second pregnancy, Greer said that Kate is under too much pressure to reproduce in her role as royal consort.

"[Kate] is vomiting her guts up and shouldn't have been made to go through all this again so soon," she said. "It's not so much that she has to be a womb, but she has to be a mother. I would hope after this one she says, 'That's it. No more'."

Greer also suggested that Kate's high-profile role in public life might have triggered unhealthy eating habits. "The girl is too thin," she said. The Duchess was last seen in public on August 5 when she visited the First World war memorial poppy field at the Tower of London.

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Greer claimed that Kate's personal freedoms have been largely curtailed by her position in the royal family. "Kate is not even allowed to decorate her own houses. Even the wives of the American presidents get to do that. The whole thing is a mad anachronism. The 'firm' tell us that the first born will now become the monarch regardless of sex. Well, big fucking deal!"

"She cannot do or say anything spontaneous. She has learned what she has to do and say and how to do and say it in the approved way. Spontaneity will get her in trouble," Greer added.

Greer said Kate is "not allowed to have an interest in modern culture".

She said Kate, who has a 2;1 in history of art from St Andrew's University, is a great deal more intelligent than the rest of the royals.

Germaine Greer's remarks echo those of the award-winning novelist Hilary Mantel, who in 2013 provoked controversy when she delivered a lecture, 'Royal Bodies' to the London Review of Books. In her lecture, a feminist critique of the monarchy, Mantel referred to the Duchess as a "plastic princess born to breed... as painfully thin as anyone could wish, without quirks, without oddities, without the risk of the emergence of character... Her only point and purpose being to give birth."

Kate is reported to have said she would ideally like to have three children, mirroring her own childhood with sister Pippa Middleton and brother James.

Three years after Kate Middleton married Prince William, only one per cent of women wish they could be Kate in a YouGov survey. A huge 89 wish they were married to Kate.