Amanda Holden Poses With Life-Size Plastic Doll Backstage On 'This Morning', Twitter Asks 'Which Is Which?' (*Amanda's On The Left)

Amanda Holden has had a fair bit of flack about her frozen appearance from fans of 'This Morning' since she started co-hosting the show, so she really set herself up when she posed next to a life-size plastic sex doll on today's programme.

Amanda - who is covering for Holly Willoughby following the birth of her son on Monday - posted the snap on Twitter of her next to 'Bianca' ahead of Tuesday's show.

Amanda Holden (left) poses with Bianca

"Coming up on @itvthismorning we talk to life-sized silicon sex doll 'Bianca'!!", she tweeted.

And it wasn't long before Twitter responded, with some viewers having a bit of difficulty telling Amanda and Bianca apart…

(Amanda's on the left, in case you're still scratching your head).

Last week, 'This Morning' viewers took to Twitter to question the 43-year-old's (ahem) youthful looks following her first day filling in for Holly .

Meanwhile, Amanda was one of the first celebs to congratulate Holly following the birth of her third child.

The TV star gave birth to a boy, who she has called Chester William.

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