Helpful Otter Starsky Returns iPhone Dropped Into His Tank At Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Cementing their reputation as the world’s most awesome creatures, this otter was quite the gentleman after a tourist dropped their iPhone into his tank.

Starsky, an Asian short-clawed otter at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, was gliding around in the water when the device slipped into the depths.

Plummeting to the bottom, Starsky picked up the handset in his paws and politely handed it back to animal care assistant Jenny Lewis, the Torquay Herald Express writes.

Starsky’s act of kindness was tweeted by Cornwall’s Pirate FM radio station, with the hashtag #phonegate.

Nine-year-old Starsky arrived at the centre in 2009 with his brother Hutch. The pair can be told apart because Hutch has more white fur on his face, the sanctuary’s website informs us.

Starsky, we salute you.