01/10/2014 18:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy, 8, Has Both His Milk Teeth And Adult Teeth


An eight-year-old boy has been nicknamed Jaws by his friends after growing a second set of teeth – just like a shark.

Zak Brown, from Leeds, has to do double brushing because his adult teeth emerged before his milk teeth had been taken by the Tooth Fairy!

The big gnashers came through behind his baby teeth instead of pushing them out – a condition that, surprisingly, affects one in 10 children.

Zak's mum Claire, 38, told The Sun: "It doesn't hurt and he has no problems eating. But he hated it when his sister and brother got money from the Tooth Fairy and he didn't.

"He would wiggle his teeth to make them come out - but nothing ever happened."

Zak is on a two-year NHS waiting list to have the baby teeth extracted. Claire said: "We have been told we can go private but I imagine that may cost a lot."

Zak's quirky story came a day after it was revealed that an incredible one in 10 children have rotten teeth - many of them as young as three years old.

Dentists advise cutting down on sugary juices and squash - and to brush twice a day. Or in Zak's case - four times a day!

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