02/10/2014 07:42 BST | Updated 02/10/2014 09:59 BST

'Interstellar' Trailer 4: Even More Intense, Epic And Spacey Than Before

All of your friends who don't read about actual science are about to get into space for the first time since Gravity.

Why? Because there's a new trailer for Interstellar out - and it's bonkers in all the right ways.

It has visionary space craft, alien worlds, narratively and scientifically problematic 'interpretations' of the theory of relativity. Because let's be clear, this movie looks like it might be tremendous entertainment but pretty terrible science, if the whole gravity-less ship travelling impossibly fast by magic, or whatever, theme is anything to go by.

It also has some really bad dialogue:

“Your daughter’s generation will be the last to survive on Earth,” Michael Caine tells Matthew McConaughey in the clip. "You’re the best pilot we ever had. Get out there and save the world.”

Check it out:

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