03/10/2014 07:51 BST | Updated 03/10/2014 07:59 BST

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting (Because No One Wants To Survive On Celery)

Despite the urge to restrict eating habits, it is possible to lose weight without dieting.

According to Consumer Behaviour Psychologist, Brian Wansink excessive snacking - followed by unwanted weight gain - is all down to mindless eating.

People who: are emotional eaters, don't cook, live with their families or consume more than four hours of TV a day are more likely to mindless eat. Basically, pretty much all of us are doomed for a bit of weight gain.

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But fear not fellow mindless eater, here are four ways to cut down on the unwanted pounds without having to diet:

1) Make sure that the only food left out on your kitchen counter is a fruit bowl.

This will hopefully prevent you from mindless snacking when you're at home - as you won't be tempted by what you can't see. Clever Trevor.

2) Next time you visit a restaurant, why don't you try the rule of two? Half the size of your entree and add two small sides of your choice.


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3) Hands up if, when you go food shopping, you let your hunger drive your food choices?

"How did those biscuits get in there?"

Stop this from happening by chewing sugar-free gum whilst you're mooching around the supermarket. That way you'll be less likely to pick up unhealthy snacks. And if they're not in your cupboard at home then you can't eat them.

4) Don't eat at your desk. When you're at work, you can become tempted to just sit at your desk and graze throughout the day.

Make sure that the only time you eat is when you are away from your desk - that way, you're less likely to mindlessly snack.

Weight lost. Zero diets needed. Thank us later.