Paedophile Hunting Kickstarter Project Already Raises Over £20k


Stinson Hunter, subject of the controversial Channel 4 documentary 'The Paedophile Hunter' has turned to Kickstarter in order to fund his hunt for sex offenders.

The vigilante's crowd-funding page already has over £20,000 in pledges with 'rewards' ranging from a half hour Q&A with Stinson all the way up to the promise that Stinson will tattoo your brand on his leg.

Speaking on the page Stinson outlines his methods saying:

"Using online profiles of fake underage children, we attempted to lure predators out from behind their online personas and into carefully constructed, and filmed real life meetings with me. In these stings, I confronted these men - and the world - with evidence of what they had done, and then I handed them over to the police."

With the additional funds Stinson plans to increase the scale of his operation buying better film equipment and even producing regular feature length documentaries on the subject.

If the stretch targets are reached he's also planning to open a dedicated office and hire extra staff.

The documentary and the Kickstarter page have been met with mixed reactions with some classing Hunter as a 'vigilante' while others have been praising him for his actions.

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