Baby Girl's Tender Reaction To Dad's Clean-Shaven Face (Video)


This is the touching moment a baby girl reacts to her dad's clean-shaven face for the first time.

In the 38-second YouTube clip, which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times, the baby strokes her father's face with a look of bemusement as if she's thinking: "Is that really you, Daddy?"

The formerly bearded dad decided to pick up a razor for the first time since his daughter was born.

When she seems him for the first time, her reaction is beautiful and tender.

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She puts down her toy to touch his chin and mouth to check the hair has actually gone, before leaning in to smell and kiss him - just to reassure herself he's her same old daddy.

Once she realises it's him, she's happy to give him a big cuddle.

Footage was posted on YouTube by Rebekah Hills, who wrote: "Our 1 year old's reaction to seeing her daddy's freshly shaven face - his first time shaving since she was born."