Microsoft's New 'Holodeck' Turns Your Room Into The Game

Microsoft has unveiled a new gaming concept which transforms your entire living room into a holodeck.

The 'RoomAlive' project was put together using off the self parts - proving that interactional gaming is more than a reality but a feasible consumer proposition in five to 10 years time.

'RoomAlive' works by taking four large roof mounted projectors and then combining them with a number of Kinect sensors which -- when working in tandem -- are able to create an astonishingly accurate 3D representation of yourself.

The cameras then track your exact movements around the room letting you interact with what's on the walls and floor.

To show the variety of gaming genres it could work with the demo has examples of people playing a giant game of 'whack-a-mole' while another has a light gun.

Over a year ago Microsoft unveiled its 'Illumiroom' concept which used just one projector to extend the game screen from the TV out onto the wall.

Rather than engaging users outside of the TV space it simply enlarged it adding to the atmosphere and helping the player feel more immersed inside the game world.

It was simple but hugely effective showcasing what gaming could look like when the next-generation of games consoles start appearing in five to seven years time.