06/10/2014 11:02 BST | Updated 06/10/2014 11:59 BST

Which Student Cities Have The Cheapest Pint?

Jack Andersen via Getty Images

Student living has long been synonymous with drinking, with the average uni student in Britain spending £121 on alcohol during Freshers’ Week alone.

University bars up and down the country are now back in full swing after the summer break and’s annual Price of a Pint Index reveals Leeds’ students stand to get the most beer for their buck this academic year.

The Price of a Pint Index compares the cost of a pint of lager, vodka and mixer and a glass of wine at the UK’s top 20 universities. Student Union bars in Leeds offer the best value round to their punters at just £6; the average price for drinks in this student city have actually fallen by 27p from last year.


Manchester and Brighton follow closely behind for value with a round at student unions costing £6.35 and £6.50 respectively. Bristol, who have been top of the poll for cheap booze for the past two years, fall to sixth place – a round there will cost students £7.10.

The Price of a Round in Student Cities:

Leed: £6.00

Manchester: £6.35

Brighton: £6.50

Edinburgh: £6.70

Southampton: £7.00

Bristol: £7.10

Birmingham: £7.30

Nottingham: £7.40

Sheffield: £7.50

London: £7.65

Ulster: £8.70

The average price for a pint in the UK’s student union bars is £2.37, up by 7p compared to 2013. The University of Ulster is the most expensive place for a student night out once again this year, but at just £8.60 for a round it’s still great value for students. Manchester Met takes the crown for the cheapest pint, easing the burden on purse strings with a lager there coming in at a very reasonable £1.70. The University of Leeds offers the best value for a small glass of wine at £2 and those hitting the University of Manchester for a night out will enjoy the cheapest vodka and mixer at £1.50.

The prices are based on the cost of a pint of lager, vodka and mixer and a glass of wine in the student union bars at the top 20 most popular universities as published by UCAS.

Where a city is home to more than one university from UCAS's top 20 most popular institutions, the average cost of a pint, glass of wine and a vodka and mixer has been used.