Live Three-Inch Cricket Found In Man's Ear By Doctors

When one man told his doctor he had an itch in his ear, he had no idea the cause of his discomfort was a three-inch insect.

A live cricket was extracted from the unidentified man's ear. It is believed the cricket crawled in unnoticed at night, then buried itself into the ear canal.

A video taken of the doctor pulling the cricket out from his patient's ear using a pair of tweezers was posted online.

Lecturer at the University of Derby Michael Sweet identified the creepy-crawly to the Daily Star as an Indian house cricket.

He said: "These critters are known to be an invasive species, appearing all over the globe. Now being found in places like Australia, they like warm countries and hide during the day.

"This beastie will have just been uncomfortable for the victim. However, it could possibly have done some damage to the inner-ear which would have resulted in temporary balance and hearing issues."

At least there is one crumb of comfort: if these creatures like warm climates, we're probably safe in Britain.

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