09/10/2014 11:22 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Frozen Mad Mum And Daughter Spend The Day Dressed As Elsa

YouTube/Amy Shipp

Frozen fans will go to great lengths to get their hands on an Elsa costume, so we can't blame this mum and daughter for wanting to spend the whole day in their princess dresses!

Game-for-a-laugh mum Amy Shipp has shared a YouTube video of her and her daughter Ariel spending an entire day dressed up as their favourite Disney Princess.

The video starts with Amy in full Snow Queen get-up saying to her daughter:

"So Ariel, since we haven't gone to Disneyland and we can't afford it, do you want to spend the day with Elsa momma?"

Ariel happily agrees but doesn't seem to have quite grasped the deal, as when she's asked where she'd like to go in her new costume she replies with an ever hopeful: 'Disneyland!'

Once Ariel's expectations have been managed, Amy takes her to the next best place... the Disney Store!

Ariel's dad films the pair as they pose with a cardboard cutout of Elsa at a shopping centre, before heading for a stroll along the beach.

Passers by pose for photos with the royal duo and some even serenade them with songs from the film.

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Amy's dedication to pleasing her daughter draws admiring comments, with one onlooker declaring:

"That is dedication to motherhood! I could NOT do that!"

We have a feeling Amy may have been a Disney fan before she became a mum - it can't be a coincidence that she called her daughter Ariel!

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