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'Great British Bake Off' Winner Nancy Birtwhistle: 'I Didn't Think I'd Be Able To Cope In The Final'

'Great British Bake Off' winner Nancy Birtwhistle has revealed she didn't think she'd be able to cope under the pressure of being in the final but admits being part of the show was 'one of the best things' she has ever done.


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The 60-year-old admitted she had never experienced such intense pressure before being crowned this year's baking champ.

Nancy Birtwhistle with host Mel and judge Mary Berry

"There is nothing so scary as the final," she said. "And I didn't know if I would be able to cope with it, but I was fine.

"I have never been tested to that extent, or had that pressure before, but I realised I could be pretty stoic about it all.

"Earlier on in the series I hadn't even realised that I had said 'You can't go forward if you are looking backward' until I saw it on TV.

"Without any doubt whatsoever, it is one of the best things I have done in my life."

It was a very close finish between the three finalists, but ultimately Nancy triumphed

Nancy also admitted it she loved the 'buzz' of getting positive feedback from judges mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

"I had watched the programme before but didn't realise how big the show is," she explained. "To get positive feedback from Paul and Mary takes you to a completely different level.

"I have never had comments from people in such authority on their subject. It carries such a great feeling when the judges say your bake is perfect, it gives you confidence and a terrific buzz."

And Nancy also revealed she had some very early starts to prepare herself for some of the more technical elements of the show.

"My earliest practice run was 5am - I would set the alarm and attempt the showstopper challenge of five hours, so at least by 10am if it hadn't worked out you knew you could have another go without losing the whole day," she said.

Nancy, who showed herself to be a no-nonsense contestant who made her views known to the judges, said she'd like to use her win to teach others how to bake.

"What I enjoy doing is teaching people how to make pastry, and it really is easy, so I would like to share some of what I know," she said.

"You learn all these skills through your life and you have to pass them on.

"I have never stood in front of big crowds but I think I could be good at that. I have learned that I am good at keeping my head.

"Baking isn't difficult - you have to just keep trying and practising. I am still learning techniques even now, and I can sometimes make a complete mess of things. And when that happens you just start again, keep your patience and try and gain your confidence."

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