Jeremy Clarkson Caught In Bed With Heston Blumenthal? 'Top Gear' Presenter And TV Chef Snuggle Up For #WakeUpCall Pic

As unlikely bedfellows go, Jeremy Clarkson under the sheets with Heston Blumenthal is certainly up there.

The 'Top Gear' presenter took a break from upsetting the people of Argentina to climb into bed with the chef for the #WakeUpCall campaign.

Very Bert and Ernie, boys.

The latest charity-meets-social media craze aims to raise funds for Unicef, following the huge global success of the Ice Bucket Challenge over the summer.

The campaign aims to highlight the 6.5 million children who are living in Syria as conflict there rages on.

Participants are encouraged to post a photo of themselves, taken moments after waking up, on social-networking sites, before donating to Unicef’s Syria Emergency Fund.

Clarkson, who was shooting for BBC show Top Gear, was filmed driving the car – with the plate H982 FKL – for a 1,350-mile journey on the Patagonian Highway.

The presenter insisted he did "nothing wrong" and did not mean to provoke offence in Argentina, where the 'Top Gear' crew were attacked and chased by angry mobs.

He described having to hide under the bed as a mob surrounded his hotel, having rocks thrown at his car and being chased all the way to the border while filming the show's Christmas special.

You can donate to Unicef’s appeal for the Zaatari camp at www.wakeupcall.org.uk or by texting SYRIA to 70007 to give £5.

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