Photographer Measures Brain Waves To Find Out Exactly How People Want To Look - Then Makes It Happen With Photoshop

No matter how much body positivity we try to exude, when the majority of us look in the mirror, a glaring imperfection stares right back out at us.

Whether wishing for a smaller nose or higher cheekbones, we really are our own harshest critics.

But what if those wishes could become a (virtual) reality?

Photographer Scott Chasserot decided to explore these notions of beauty and self-image, in his photo series 'Original Idea', by transforming his subject's photographs in accordance to what they believe to be "instinctively beautiful".

He started by taking a generic headshot of each subject. He then wired his subjects up to a brain scanner, while he presented them with a series digitally-altered version of the images.

By tracking the most positive brain responses, Scott was able to decipher which of the images was each subjects' favourite.

See the before and after versions below. What do you think of the transformation?

Original Ideal