'The Apprentice' Sends Home Chiles Cartwright, Who Says He's 'Absolutely Gutted' To Be First To Leave

Chiles Cartwright has admitted he’s “absolutely gutted” to be the first to leave 'The Apprentice' boardroom, telling HuffPostUK he’s never been sacked before, and it wasn’t pleasant.


Chiles, whom viewers saw come off worse in a scrappy fight for self-justification against his project manager Felipe in the first episode of the new series, said he was enjoying the experience much more than he thought he would, and had no idea he was for the chop.

Chiles (right) lost out to project manager Felipe (centre) and Robert in the boardroom

“I was the stronger candidate,” he says now. “And you’re so focused on what you’re doing, you do forget about the potatoes.” (This is not a metaphor, there were some actual potatoes to be sold as well as shirts.)

Lord Sugar said that Chiles committed some “unforgivable errors” in not shifting the T-shirts that the group needed to sell to ensure a tidy profit.

“Good decisions got made, too,” says Chiles. “There were some fatal errors, but ‘unforgivable’ was a bit harsh.”

“I’ve never even been given a verbal warning before, so being sacked on national television was pretty novel. I guess I went out in style.”

So who is Chiles tipping to follow him out of the boardroom door? “Definitely one of the girls. They haven’t got their acts together at all.”

And to win the series?

“James is really strong and can charm people. Daniel is strong and confident. But I’d actually like to see Soli do well. He’s a bit of an outsider at the moment, but he’s got some strong ideas.”

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