14/10/2014 11:27 BST | Updated 14/10/2014 11:29 BST

The 10 OMG Moments From 'The Walking Dead's Return, Which Has Broken Cable Record In US

'The Walking Dead' is back and, judging by the response on Twitter and other social media, it's the TV event that everyone's been waiting for.

With more than 17 million viewers tuning in, the season premiere broke the record for a cable premiere in the US, where it is shown on AMC. The show is broadcast by Fox in the UK.

walking dead

It may be a US record-breaker, but 'The Walking Dead' stars our very own Andrew Lincoln

There have been a whopping 50,000 tweets shared about the series in the past month, and that was before it even hit the airwaves this weekend. The average number of tweets QUADRUPLED as the programme went to air, particularly in the US, where interest in the zombie saga is of particular appeal.

And a quick glance at the Conversation Cloud in the 24 hours around the premiere indicates some key emotions pouring forth, including 'excited' 'OMG', 'happy', 'sick' and the general vibe summed up as 'love zombies'.

After months of waiting, Season 5 of "The Walking Dead" finally premiered on Sunday night, and it was amazing.

So what did this seat-edge-sitting crowd get for their efforts? The premiere found Rick and his crew trapped in Terminus and presumably about to be turned into cannibal chow when Carol decided to show up and be a complete badass. After blowing up the fences around the compound and camouflaging herself like a walker to take out the "Termites," the survivors escaped and hit the road once again.

Bye, bye, Terminus.

Here are the 10 most OMG moments from the premiere:

1. When Terminus introduced us to the trough

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Image: Uproxx

2. When you realize the first victim is the Penguin from "Gotham."


3. When Carol blew stuff up like a boss

tv show gifs

Image: Uproxx

4. Then pretended to be a walker because she's awesome


Image: Cynyster Monkey

5. When Glenn is all, "We should save that guy" ...

... and then immediately realizes that was a mistake

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Image: FanSided

6. When baby Judith was all like, "Oh, damn."

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Image: hobophomia

7. Then Tyreese saved the day

tv show gifs

Image: mbguy

8. All those wild walker kills

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Image: FanSided

9. When Carol finally reunited with the group

tv show gifs

Image: gratuitous-violence-reedus

10. And last but not least ... MORGAN!

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Image: weavingmarrow

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