Ebola Patient Transferred By Man In Suit And No Protective Gear In Dallas

Erm... Maybe This Is Why Americans Are Catching Ebola?!

Footage of an American diagnosed with Ebola being wheeled aboard a plane has been causing quite a stir, after a man armed only with a clipboard was seen helping out the HazMat suit-clad medical crew.

Dallas nurse Amber Vinson, 29, was being transferred to Atlanta's Emory University Hospital on Wednesday for further treatment for the usually fatal and highly contagious disease.

She was taken from an ambulance to a specially equipped jet on a stretcher by a medical team in full protective gear and respirators - and one guy in just shirt and trousers.

The footage - broadcast by NBC Dallas - immediately sent twitter into a meltdown.

Not only was the man near the patient but he also was seen exiting the plane later handling a canister and trash bags.

American Medial Response who organised the transfer, told NBC Dallas he was not part of the medical team and most likely a member of the air crew.

A full explanation is yet to be given.

Thankfully, the passengers of Dulles airport are taking precautions. Well this one is anyway...

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