Jon Stewart And Bill O'Reilly's Debate About White Privilege Turns Into A Shouting Match

"I want you to admit that there is such a thing as white privilege," Jon Stewart asked guest-slash-nemesis Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday night's 'The Daily Show'.

What happened next was a discussion that turned into a debate that turned into a shouting match - and it was, in true 'Daily Show' style, great television.

Not least because O'Reilly's first counter-argument was that there should be such a thing as 'Asian privilege' because "Asians make more money than whites" - swiftly followed by the reasoning that "there is no more slavery". Oh, and there's a black president. Also: Oprah.

Watch the segment (in three clips) above. And tune in to watch 'The Daily Show' at 1am tonight on Comedy Central Extra.