Happiness Increases With Age, With Brits Being Most Content At 58

Ageing is inevitable, wrinkles appear and the body weakens - but is seems our silver-haired years are still something to look forward to.

Britons get happier rather than grumpier with age, according to a new survey which reveals we find our greatest contentment at 58.

The research suggests that people in the UK finally manage to get work-life balance right towards the end of their working lives as they hit a golden age of satisfaction.

The study also found that the age associated with the greatest stress is 35 - as people juggle the pressures of a young family with a demanding stage in their careers.

Analysis of the study of 2,000 people found 58 was the age at which the highest proportion of people were happy with the balance of work and leisure, as well as feeling good about their lifestyle.

They were also more likely to have a proper lunch break and stick to their contracted hours rather than working unpaid overtime.

A third of those who took part in the survey, said they were unhappy with their work-life balance.

The biggest key to contentment was spending time with family, according to almost two-thirds (63%) of those who took part - while the second most important factor was doing a job they loved.

Financial worries were the biggest cause of stress.

Professor Cary Cooper, from the University of Lancaster, said: "It's little wonder that our 30s are so stressful as we try - sometimes desperately - to juggle high-pressure jobs and family demands whilst maintaining happy relationships.

"And then by the time we reach our 50s, we feel much more confident - allowing us to set the agenda when it comes to working hours and family life.

"It is also interesting to note that spending time with family and being in a happy relationship score most highly in making us feel happy, while money is the top source of stress."

The study was commissioned for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Marketing director of IT and mobile for Samsung, Ines van Gennip, said: "It seems the old adage of 'good things come to those who wait' is true, at least in life, with those aged in their 50s likely to be the most content.

"In our fast-paced busy lives, finding the balance between work and life has never been harder so make the most of the time you have by being really organised."

The top five keys to contentment:

1. Spending time with family.

2. Doing a job you love.

3. Being in a happy relationship.

4. Financial security.

5. Feeling appreciated at home.

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