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Deaf Reddit Users Share The 11 Sounds They'd Love To Hear

11 Sounds Deaf People Would Love To Hear
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Many of us take everyday sounds for granted.

The singing of birds, cars passing in the street, people talking to one another as they walk along the pavement. The wind blowing, fast trains passing and the rustling of trees.

Heck, even a stranger's mobile phone ring.

But what kind of sounds would you miss if you could no longer hear? Or if you'd been born deaf, what would be the first thing you'd want your ears to pick up?

That's the question that one inquisitive individual pitched to deaf Reddit users.

Their answers will make your heart melt.

11 Sounds Deaf People Would Love To Hear

Are you deaf? What would be the one sound that you'd love to hear? Tweet us @HuffPoLifestyle and let us know.

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