Lorraine Kelly Left Red-Faced As She's Forced To Evacuate The ITV Studios During Live Broadcast Of 'Lorraine' (VIDEO)

WATCH Fire Alarm Cuts Short Live 'Lorraine' Show

Live telly has a habit of springing surprises onto unsuspecting presenters - something Lorraine Kelly found out during a live transmission of 'Lorraine' on Monday morning.

Lorraine had just settled down to interview 'X Factor' reject Stephanie Nala when a fire alarm went off.

Ever the professional, Lorraine continued with the interview, joking with Steph that this was the second time she was being ejected from a live TV show.

"We're having some issues here, we're very sorry," Lorraine said. "We're going to carry on. So sorry about this, there's people running around trying to get it sorted ... First they got you off the 'X Factor' and now they're trying to get you out of here as well."

Eventually, Lorraine had to concede defeat and announced the show was being taken off air. Normal programming didn't resume until 9.25am with The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Lorraine later took to Twitter to say it was the first time in 30 years she'd had to evacuate the building and confirmed it was false alarm.

As for poor old Steph, well, her 15 minutes of fame was more like 12 in the end.

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