Portsmouth Clown Terrorising Residents By Gently Stroking Them Which Is Pretty Weird

A sinister and slightly terrifying suited clown holding a solitary balloon has been creeping out residents of Portsmouth by gently stroking them.

The orange-haired figure has been causing quite a stir after roaming the city, sometimes by bicycle and talking in a "creepy" voice.

Oh, and he also appears to have a penchant for scaring the staff in clothes shops and one woman claims she was chased down the street by him.

But those hoping for some Halloween-inspired horror twist are in for some disappointment - apparently it's no more than the shenanigans of a 15-year-old schoolboy.

Andrea Hutchinson, manger of Preloved Portsmouth, a store frequented by the clown, said: "He comes in once or twice a week.

"He just likes to come in and stand there doing his tricks.

"He also goes around the pubs doing magic tricks and he has a wallet which he sets on fire.

"He is harmless. I can understand people being frightened though. But he’s just a kid."

Tell that to these people.

But at least they're not American...

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