This Parrot Is NOT A Fan Of Violin Music

"I was unexpectedly attacked by my daughter parrot while playing the Titanic music on the violin," explains the husband of YouTuber Jane Bennett. The bird actually laughed right after the incident." He's not wrong - Kiki the parrot also exclaimed "You fell down!", the cheeky blighter.

According to Mr Bennett, Kiki actually loves to dance to the 'Titanic' film version of 'My Heart Will Go On'. So what happened here?

"His festive mood changed unexpectedly during my practice," he explains - adding that Kiki does have "traces of bipolar behaviour".

"The bird acted like possessed by some evil force, laughing and talking and asking why I was on the floor. Perhaps he did not like the music, who knows."

Who knows, indeed. Perhaps you should try some John Williams on him next, Mr B?

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