Landlines Are Dying: 25% Don't Know Their Own Phone Number

If you have broadband, you probably have a landline because we still live in a world where monthly £16 'line rental' fees are an inexplicable thing.

But do you use it?

According to Uswitch, an increasing number of people no only don't use their landline, they don't even know their phone number.

London-based operator Relish (which coincidentally provides broadband without line rental…) says that 25% of people don't know their landline number. Even more people (35%) said they ignore their home phone when it rings, and 50% of people don't know how much this useless device actually costs.

Will Harnden, Chief Marketing Officer at Relish, said that "despite the fact many people aren’t using their landlines for its intended purpose, they are forced to pay monthly charges for line rental, on top of the cost of their broadband".

So do you still have a landline? And if you do, do you know the number?

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