Nicole Scherzinger ‘Causes Car Crash By Jumping Out Of Limo'

Nicole Escapes Unharmed After 'Causing Car Crash'

Nicole Scherzinger was involved in a car crash when she opened the door of her vehicle while it was still moving, according to reports.

The former Pussycat Doll apparently asked her driver to pull over as she was feeling ill, however, he failed to stop the car.

Nicole Scherzinger

According to The Sun, Nicole then opened the door - despite the fact they were still moving - causing the driver to slam on the breaks, before colliding with another vehicle after leaving the car in gear.

“She must have been really disorientated because all of a sudden she opened the door.”

Nicole can’t have been too shaken by the incident, as she was back on her feet and enjoying a dinner date with Lewis Hamilton just days after.

“I’m addressing some issues and things I’ve battled with in my life in the album and hopefully people can feel like they can relate to it,” she stated.

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Nicole Scherzinger

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