The Netherlands Has Built A 'Tron' Style Highway That Glows

Motorways have remained almost entirely unchanged since the Romans first started carving huge straight lines through Europe.

Sure, they've got safer, smoother and quieter but they're still intrinsically 'analogue', incapable of reacting to the world around them.

Netherlands construction company Heijmans has come up with a unique solution called 'Glowing Lines' that it has already started rolling out in real-world situations.

Part of the company's 'Smart Highway' project, 'Glowing Lines' involves creating huge strips of light that charge during the day then glow during the night, effectively turning the motorway into a giant scene out of 'Tron'.

As cool as they look their function is clear. In areas where road lighting is scarce these lights are capable of clearly showing the boundaries of the motorway.

They're also adaptable so in the future the company could develop a technology that allows them to know when someone is veering too close to the sides of the road.

Other innovations that the company are working on include 'Dynamic Paint' which will glow at certain temperatures, warning drivers about possible ice on the road.