Elon Musk: Inventing AI is 'Summoning The Demon'

Tesla boss and Space X founder Elon Musk has given his most dire warning yet about artificial intelligence describing it as 'summoning the demon'.

Speaking at a celebration of 100 years of MIT and aerospace research, the millionaire inventor was responding to a question about the state of AI today and what his general thoughts were on the research into artificial intelligence.

Well he got the response he was looking for as Musk certainly didn't hold back his views on the subject calling AI the 'biggest existential threat' to our species right now.

Musk has been consistently wary of research into the field and in the interview he called for both national and international regulation into such research.

It's a fascinating interview and you can see the whole thing above.

Interestingly Musk's own company, Tesla has been increasingly looking into creating 'self-aware' versions of its own electric vehicles with the latest Tesla featuring a powerful safety system called 'Autopilot'.

'Autopilot' however is much scarier than it sounds. In fact it's simply Tesla's version of the same safety systems you'll find in modern Volvos, BMWs and Audis providing the car with features that'll stop it from drifting across lanes while also intelligently speeding up or slowing down the car in Cruise Control.

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