29/10/2014 08:38 GMT | Updated 29/10/2014 11:59 GMT

London Students Living On Construction Site, Despite Paying Up To £2252 A MONTH In Rent

Students in London are being forced to live on a construction site as their £35m private halls weren't finished in time - despite paying up to £2252 a month in rent.

Prices at Pure City Student Living in Clerkenwell start from £232.50 per week, and can reach up to £520 per week for a penthouse couple studio - all of which have sold out.

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How the accommodation should look..

Even though they're paying through the nose for luxury living, the students have found themselves surrounded by noise, builders and construction debris as developers struggle to finish work.

A room with a view

An investigation by student paper The Square revealed the extent of the problems, which have led to a number of students leaving their accommodation, with others demanding compensation.

Exposed wires and electrics are a common sight in the halls

One student said: "..People [have] found themselves opening their door and finding only a wooden floor.. a construction commotion in the lobby, key cards not working and [their] room being the only one complete on the floor – as well hearing drilling and machinery".

Others have had no hot water, flickering lights and erratic power supplies, exposed wires, no freezers in the kitchens and in one case, 18 students sharing one bin. Another student's window had a large cardboard piece taped over it, while rodents have been spotted.

One of the unfinished living areas

Rima Amin, president of City University’s Students’ Union, said: "Students are paying customers and deserve to get a standard of accommodation without disruption – there are no excuses."