Ed Miliband Gives Money To A Beggar, Cue Serious Awkwardness

Ed Miliband stopped to give money to a beggar while out in Manchester today, but has provoked ridicule in a way that only the Labour leader can.

Miliband's act of generosity in front of the cameras was bitterly undermined by his seriously awkward manner, with critics on Twitter mockingly suggesting he looked concerned that the lady "may have Ebola".

@MrHarryCole@asabenn That's terrible; why can't he have the kindness and decency to look the lady in the face?

— Michael Walsh (@mcjwalsh) October 31, 2014

@asabenn@DanHannanMEP looks like he's concerned she may have Ebola!

— David W Hartley (@davidwhartley) October 31, 2014

The reaction to this tragically cringe-worthy moment may not come as a surprise to Miliband, who has admitted that he is not very good at photo-ops.

This is pushing bacon sandwich levels of awkwardness. Takes skill to look bad giving alms to the poor! (h/t @asabenn) pic.twitter.com/UJdRRTEreu

— Marcus Walker (@WalkerMarcus) October 31, 2014

He looks terrified stiff that she might touch him MT: @asabenn: Ed Miliband tries not to look awkward pic.twitter.com/KJ3iX9Q1Fh

— Rory Meakin (@rorymeakin) October 31, 2014

Some questioned how little Miliband had actually stopped to give to the begging woman, as he went to a Shadow Cabinet meeting.

@thomasknox@asabenn is that a 2p coin ...

— NoNonsenseJoe (@NononsenseJoe) October 31, 2014

@asabenn@DanHannanMEP Copper not paper money and then he probably asked for change-!!!

— Derek Whitaker (@DerekWhitaker3) October 31, 2014

Others defended Miliband's moment of charity, suggesting that Tories like David Cameron would have not given money at all.

@asabenn@TonyJohnson36 better than tories stepping over them ala boris Remember.

— robert crilly (@CrillyBobc) October 31, 2014

@asabenn@MatthewSephton as opposed to Cameron not giving money to the homeless person

— Anthony Parker (@Anthillel) October 31, 2014

Here is what happened in Manchester, in all its unfiltered awkwardness.

Ed Miliband gives money

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