05/11/2014 15:39 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

10 Reasons Why I Wear Shoes In The House

10 reasons why I wear shoes in the house

We have wooden floor downstairs and carpet upstairs. There are some very good reasons for this, namely:

  1. LEGO. Have you ever trodden on a lego brick? Nuff said.
  2. Little plastic soldiers. As painful as LEGO, but not as durable, so not only do you end up with a sore foot, but an unhappy child too.
  3. Paper. The last time I slipped on a piece of paper I broke my big toe. On wooden floors, paper or magazines means a slip hazard and you will often find me legs akimbo on the floor.
  4. Wet patches. Thankfully now my boys are five and six these patches tend to be drink, but in the olden days you never knew what you might be standing in (I will leave that to your imagination).
  5. Cars. Oh yes, toy cars can soon have you propelled across a room at breakneck speed too.
  6. Crayons. Ever twisted your ankle rolling on a crayon? Not yet? Well, there is always time, trust me.
  7. Weetabix. That stuff is cement, once it is dry it will never come off.
  8. Muslins. Those innocent cloths of many uses? They are deadly, let me tell you, especially when placed on a wooden floor.
  9. Scooters. Why oh why do the boys insist on bringing these things indoors? One of these days they will kill me.
  10. A child. Yep, they tend to get underfoot too!

I also make sure I never, ever enter a loo without shoes on especially with two boys with poor aim!

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