'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Bugs: What's Wrong On PS4 and Xbox One?


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is officially out today in the UK and already it's starting to suffer from the inevitable teething pains that come from a major new game release.

According to Engadget the game is struggling to install on both Xbox One and PS4 and, remarkably, for two very different reasons.

The PS4 problem is pre-loading. If you happened to pre-order the game your PS4 is able to download the game before the launch date, essentially allowing you to start playing without any interruptions.

Sadly this hasn't been the case as many users are reporting that their pre-loaded version of CoD just isn't starting at all.

While Activision has yet to comment on the matter, Sony has already found a fix (although you're not going to like it).

Delete the game file. It's not ideal and it does mean downloading the whole thing all over again but according to Sony it'll make sure that the game runs without any hitches. Sure it pretty much negates the whole idea of pre-loading but these are desperate times.

The Xbox One bug is of an entirely different nature. Crave reports that the Xbox One disc has an infinity loop bug that means it'll never fully install.

The issue arises when the Xbox asks if you want to download the updates for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, if you've done that before fully installing the game from the disc then the update prevents the game from installing in an endless loop of error messages.

Not ideal. Thankfully there's a way round this as well. Simply take the disc out, delete the game as you would a normal Xbox One game (even though it hasn't installed), then re-insert the disc.

This time when it asks if you want to download the updates as well, choose 'no' and download them later. The game will now happily install and you're good to go.

Both aren't game-ending bugs but they're certainly big hindrances that honestly shouldn't be taking place with a game of this calibre.

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