When Is Black Friday, The Pre-Christmas Discount Bonanza?

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in America's retail calendar, is set to hit on Friday November 28 as bosses plan bargains as high as 70% off to get people buying.

It falls on the day after Thanksgiving and basically refers to the day superstores entice Christmas shoppers with discount prices.

The manic pre-Christmas rush to the shops on 'Black Friday' got its name as shops would be propelled "into the black" and soar into profitability on a tidal wave of shoppers.

People have previously got so excited that they have fought to get into stores in America. Britons had a taste of this last year as fights broke out outside a branch of Asda in Bristol as shoppers rushed to get at the cheap televisions on offer.

After Black Friday, the retail cheer will continue as "Cyber Monday" follows immediately after, with shoppers expected to flock to snap up big savings online on December 1.