The Hipster Equation: Maths Can Finally Explain Shoreditch

OK so before everyone jumps down our throat for being 'London-centric', the fact is the 'Hipster' is a global phenomenon, it just so happens that Shoreditch is a great focal point to pick on.

Maths it seems has finally found a proven equation for why people who want to look different, will always end up looking the same.

It's an inevitability like the San Francisco 'toast cafe' craze or the fact there's now a 'cereal bar' in London, don't even get us started on the tidal wave of American BBQ food.

All of it is tied into one single equation -- according to Motherboard -- and it's a tune thats been playing since man first escaped the caves and started wearing Dinosaur skin because it was 'vintage'.

So the theory behind all this was created by Jonathan Touboul, a mathematical neuroscientist from the College de France in Paris.

In this theory Touboul realises that there's a delay before people realise they're all wearing the same thing, this delay is what causes a trend to form -- and ultimately -- then self-destruct.

You see each trend is self-destructive by its very nature, the only reason it becomes a trend is because people haven't yet fully caught on that we're all wearing the same clothes.

Now unsurprisingly there's some pretty spectacular mathematics at play to explain this and since we're not a mathematical neuroscientist we'll leave it to your own discretion as to whether you want to find out more.

If you do then check out Motherboard's good introduction to the equation and then get into the nitty gritty of it all with Touboul's findings here.