iPhone Wedding Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong After £51,000 Gamble

If you're going to propose then you want to make sure it's a memorable event. The problem is, some people's idea of memorable is going to be very different from someone else's.

This computer programmer from China for example had the incredibly bold idea of buying 99 iPhone 6s, placing them into the shape of a heart and then proposing inside that heart.

If nothing else the guy has guts, he spent over £50,000 on iPhones just to make sure that, well we're not sure why he did it, but the fact is he went ahead and did it.

This is where things go a little pear-shaped: She said no.

That's right, 99 iPhones -- it turned out -- were not the way to this particular woman's heart. I think we've all learnt an important lesson here.

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