Tony Blair Really Doesn't Want To Talk About Ed Miliband On TV

Watch Tony Blair Dodge Questions About Miliband On Sky News

Tony Blair today said Ed Miliband has his "full support", however the former prime minister really did not want to answer questions about the Labour leader when pressed.

Miliband has been under intense pressure in recent days, with his leadership of the party being questioned by internal critics. Blair, who was appearing on Sky News to talk about Ebola, was not best pleased when presenter Kay Burley seized the chance to ask him about Miliband. "That's not a topic for me today," he said.

Burley insisted that the Labour Party back in the UK, Blair is abroad, would want to hear from him on the issue, Blair replied: "I doubt it."

"Honestly," an exasperated Blair said when Burley refused to give up. "I have had these things thousands of times. I have always said he has my full support and that's the end of it."

On the internal Labour and media criticism that Miliband has received, Blair added: "I am sure he is robust enough to take it."

And asked whether he was going to "ride back into town" to save Labour, he said: "Well that’s not my job nowadays."

This morning Alan Johnson ruled himself out of running for leader after an intense bout of speculation about Miliband's future, with deep unrest among the ranks of backbench MPs and claims that some of his top team are plotting against him.

Yesterday Miliband attempted to brush off the reports, joking that "you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers".

Appearing at the CBI conference in London, Miliband - who beat his brother David to the Labour leadership - was asked if he wished "the other guy had won".

Miliband said: "Definitely not. It is a huge privilege doing this job. What excites me is the way we can transform this country. The country has huge advantages, huge talent." Asked if he agreed there was a "crisis of confidence" in his leadership, he replied simply: "No."

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