Why Do We Like The Smell Of Our Own Farts?

Unless you have a particularly niche fetish, there probably isn't a human alive that relishes the smell of another person's farts.

Our own, however, are a different matter.

We're not suggesting you sit there wafting enjoying the bouquet of smells, but they are less offensive. But is it our imagination or is there actually a scientific explanation?

ASAPScience explains that each day, the world puts out 70 billion farts and that averages at 10 per person.

They say scientists confirmed in a blind smell test that we actually do like the smell of our own because the bacteria which creates the smell is unique to each person.

When you smell someone else's Silent But Deadly, your brain detects it as something that is trying to harm your body because of the bad smell, and actually, farts can spread disease.

One parp can spread Streptococcus pyogenes, a bacteria that can cause tonsillitis and flesh eating disease, dispersed by poop particles. Think about that the next time you're trapped in a lift.

Gross Facts About Poo And Farts

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