America Wants To Build A Flying Drone Base

DARPA wants your help. That's right, the US government's version of 'SHIELD' is looking for ideas on how to build its very own 'helicarrier'.

With military air operations now largely relying on unmanned aircraft the military is starting to look at ways of getting around their shortfalls.

The big problem is range, drones simply can't fly for as long, or as far as they'd like with forward operating bases being a requirement.

To solve this problem DARPA is looking to convert a number of existing aircraft into flying aircraft carriers, able to hold numerous drones where they can be launched, retrieved and maintained, all in the skies.

It's a bold plan that while firmly rooted in our imagination is deeply grounded in some rather sad truths.

At present they won't be building a full-scale version of the 'helicarrier', instead it'll simply be a case of refitting an older or current plane design and making it work.

That's where you come in. The team are asking for you to submit your best ideas to them with the leaders no doubt being asked to come and join them in making it a reality.