Dazed Magazine's Very Large Sex Survey Shows What Young People Are Doing In Bed. And On Camera.

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From dating apps and selfies to snapchats - technology has infiltrated the lives of today's youths, earning them the moniker of "digital generation".

Apparently this generation swipes right to get laid, and touts its bodies online to get paid. But has anyone ever asked us about our sex lives?

Well, no - until now. Dazed Digital asked 10,500 men and women from 114 countries about sex and relationships in the largest survey of its kind of the digital generation.

Worried you watch too much porn? Ever wondered whether you're the only one who loves orgies?

We've partnered with Dazed to release the results - so now you can finally find out.


  • Porn is a popular pastime, with 59% of young people watching it one to five times a week. A quarter said they had never watched it, while more than 1,200 said they watched it six to 10 times a week.
  • Boy on girl porn was the most watched, with boy on boy and girl on girl fairly evenly split at 19% and 15% respectively.
  • Straight women are more likely to watch lesbian porn than straight men are to watch gay porn. The former's consumption of lesbian porn outstrips men's; twice as many girls chose "other" as their favourite porn type, while 90% of people who say they never watch porn are women. This suggests mainstream porn does not cater for women's needs as well as it does for men.


  • More than half of the respondents have never had sex on camera - but 34% have. Of those, two thirds said they want to do it again.
  • More than 300 people said they'd have sex on camera if they got paid for it.
  • A whopping 49% of people send naked selfies.
  • More than a third say technology has made their sex life more erotic, while 24% said it made it more neurotic.
  • Men are twice as likely to lie about their identity online.
  • More than half of gay men use apps to hook up - compared with 10% of heterosexual men.

Sex, drugs and monogamy

  • When it comes to multiple partners, 69% prefer the traditional monogamous relationship.
  • But nearly one in five see polygamy as the perfect set up - with straight guys being bigger fans than straight girls.
  • And 38% have had sex with more than one person in a day, with 34% saying they haven't but totally would.
  • Four in 10 believe sex is better when they're on drugs.
  • Three quarters said sex was very important or important.
  • Sex becomes increasingly important as people get older.

STDs and stuff

  • Nearly a third have never been checked for an STD.
  • Nearly half say they "sometimes" use protection. Gay men are the best at using protection; straight men are the worst. 60% of gay women never do.
  • The younger you are, the safer you are - "always use protection" declines with age.
  • South America is the safest continent, followed by Europe.
  • Worryingly, those who never use protection get tested less frequently.

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