13/11/2014 17:15 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Christmas Lights: 12 Of The Best To Brighten Up Your Tree

Christmas is coming and if you've already solved the dilemma between a real or faux tree, you'll want to think about the perfect set of lights to let it shine in all its glory.

Pile of illuminated string lights

Whether you want a super modern set of all-singing, all-dancing lights with multiple settings, a classic warm white string to set the mood for a traditional finish, or something decorative to add character to a tree that's looking sparse, we've hunted down the perfect lighting solution.

Shop our edit of the 12 best Christmas tree lights in the gallery below:

Not sure which lights are right for your beloved Christmas centre-piece? Here are a few tips to help you choose...

For lovers of tall trees it's ideal to pick a set that come in strings which you can jack together. This way, you can extend them or downsize depending on how large your evergreen is year on year. Plus, they'll get in less of a tangle when they're being packed away.

If it's your first tree? A garland of decorated lights is ideal for dressing up a tree fast when you're yet to build up a set of favourite baubles and charms.
For lights that aren't just for Christmas, Ikea has a seriously smart solution to your dilemma - they sell a variety of clip-on decorations which can be added to their light chains for the festive season.

More top tips for hanging your lights:

1. Quota about 100 mini lights per foot of your tree or 200 for a dense look.

2. When hanging your lights, work from the top down and use a zig-zag motion around the tree, rather than wrapping them like a maypole - this will ensure even coverage.

3. Opt for a set with LED bulbs - these won't get too hot to touch.

4. String your lights before you add your decorations, as weaving between delicate baubles can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Happy tree decorating!